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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is it worth it?

Blogging, is it worth it? Worth the time and thoughts? The typing and the distraction? Iv had this blog set up for well over a year now and Iv not posted but one quickly and poorly thrown together blog post. We've been busy frankly, and being a keeper of a blog just hasn't landed in the priority list. Yet their are things I want to write and ideas I want to share. But does any of that matter. I mean in the big picture is it all a waster of time? Is it just meaningless? Perhaps this is a cultural relevant way of interacting, of connecting with one another. Or maybe blogging and all other forms of social "interaction" is just a symptom of a lost, broken and disconnected people. Iv even noticed lately how Facebook has become lazy. I didn't think it was possible but really it is! People are "liking" and "sharing" instead of commenting and putting a real status up. Its weird. I still love my FB, its a great way to keep up with growing children and distant friends. But is all of this just perpetuating distance and promoting "self"? Anyway, Im going to attempt a few posts here and there and Ill see how it goes. Starting with a very deep and though provoking post about ranch dressing!!!

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